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Griko Village in Calabria

The Griko of Calabria: The Italian Greek Holdouts from Antiquity

Cosmos Philly profiles the few surviving Griko communities of the southern Italian region of Calabria. The Griko (sometimes spelled Greko) are the last remnants of thousands of years of Greek presence in Italy, and their language is now critically endangered. Greeks first settled in Italy around the 9th century BC, when inhabitants of mainland Greece […]

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Procopius and the Sea

Procopius and Tales of the Sea in the Arabian Nights

The Late Antique Folklore blog has a post on Byzantine legends from the sea. The tales are from Procopius, a court official in Constantinople who served under Justinian, and whose works are the paramount reference for that period. Procopius wrote several histories of the period, including chronicles of Justinian’s Persian Wars, the wars to reconquer […]

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Templar Tunnel

Templar Tunnel: A Mysterious Discovery

An exciting new discovery has been made in England. A man tromping through his fields stumbled into a rabbit hole that concealed a secret. The hole was in fact a narrow tunnel leading to a door. Behind it was a small series of caves, hollowed out by the medieval military order called the Templars. This […]

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Indian Ocean East Africa

Indian Ocean Trade with the Swahili Coast

Part 1 of our Swahili Coast articles mainly discussed the role of Arab and Persian merchants in East African commerce. But the Indian Ocean was an integrated whole, with extensive trade among all peoples on the coasts. Objects from India appear in the archaeological record from as early as the 7th century AD, and trade colonies […]

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Ancient Vietnamese Trade

Ancient Trade Network Discovered in Vietnam

Archaeologists in Vietnam have discovered a 4,500-year-old trading network. The network stretched hundreds of miles across several river systems, down to the Mekong Delta. Several stone tools quarried in the Southeast Asian highlands were found at the site in southern Vietnam, where such stone is completely absent. Long-distance trade in the ancient world was usually associated […]

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